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Trump wins: Will Wole Soyinka leave USA as promised?

Will Wole Soyinka Fulfill his promise?

Wole Soyinka has promised to spoil his Green Card and quit the United States of America if Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

According to Punch, Wole Soyinka said  “If in the unlikely event he does win, the first thing he’ll do is to say [that] all green-card holders must reapply to come back into the US. Well, I’m not waiting for that.

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“The moment they announce his victory, I will cut my green card myself and start packing up.”

Soyinka also slammed the Brexit agenda and called on young people to rise and resist any form of oppression.

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You will recall that 70 distinguished Nobel laureates pledged their support for the Democratic Party presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.