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Three Referees Suspended For Poor Performance

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has suspended two referees and one assistant referee for three months as a result of poor performance in November.

One of the football officials, Joseph Lamptey inaccurately awarded a penalty in favour of South Africa as they beat Senegal 2-1 in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

Similarly, Kenyan referee Davies Omweno denied Libya what was believed to be a valid goal in their 1-0 loss to Tunisia.

While his assistant, Berhe O’Michael, got suspended for wrongly flagging offside, CAF also issued a warning to the other assistant referee in the match, Theogene Ndagijimana.

A statement by the African football governing body revealed that Lamptey was guilty of “poor performance” in his match.

They stated that the referee “awarded a wrong penalty for handball despite the fact that the ball never touched the hand of the player”.

CAF also identified Omweno’s fault as “wrong positioning and movement, incorrect identification of fouls and failure to administer some disciplinary sanctions.

Ndagijimana was said to have “missed multiple basic offside decisions which denied teams promising attacks”.