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Remi Surutu Se Idaro Omo Re Ti O Se Aisi, Ni Oni Ti O Je Ojo Ibi Re

Osere, Remi Surutu ti o padanu omo re Ayomikun ni bi ose die seyin bo si ori ero abanidore instagram re lati ko iwe ati okan wa si omo re ni oni ti o je ojo ibi re….

O ko wipe; Though I mourn no more, but the strengths to fight keep fluctuating. You would have been 23 years old today, but fate beat me to it. For 22 years and a bit more, I watched you grow. I enjoyed every glamour of your innocence and the love you practically shared with all and sundry. For 22 years and a bit more, I watched you fight. Till date, your strengths scare me. I do not know where you got such energies from. I didn’t experience in you the myth that fighters are always troublesome to handle. You were ever calm, obedient, cheerful, respectful and concerned. I can’t forget it all…your beauty- in character and appearance.  The elegance in your walks and the tenderness of your voice. You within a brief moment of existence lived an exceptional life.

Keep resting, baby.

Ayomikun…Ejika mi!