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Oyo state police command have arrested 43 year old Yisua Adeleke(left) for bathing his lover, Mrs Morufa Ajoke Odesanya (right) with acid after he found out she was married and not a widow as she claimed previously.

According to Tribune, on November 25th, Yisua invited Morufa who is 36 years old with five children, to their love nest and then poured the corrosive substance on her. He went into hiding for months until he was arrested on August 7th this year. Narrating how it happened, Yisua said;

“I was arrested because I poured acid on a lady I regarded as my fiancée until I discovered otherwise. I had a wife, Ronke, who had two children for me but I later discovered that she had two children for two men before she married me. She also decided that she had had the number of children that she wanted, asking me to look for another woman if I needed more. She went for family planning. I started dating Morufa and she asked me to rent a room, which I did at Idi Arere, Ibadan. She told me she was a widow with two children. She used to bring the two children to Idi Arere. She also took me to where she was living at Elebu area of Ibadan, saying that the house belonged to her aunt. She showed me a man who she claimed to be her brother, but whom I later discovered to be her husband. She took me to her mother and I took her to my aunt who was like my mother to introduce her as my wife-to-be. Morufa used to come and stay with me at the rented apartment and I had to tell my wife that she could leave because I had already got a wife. We used to have sex regularly to the level that even during her menstrual period, she would beg me to have sex with her, saying she could not keep off me. This continued until the day I came in contact with Magun (a charm usually placed diabolically on wayward women as a punishment for their lovers) in the course of our affair. It was as if my navel was twisted and I also had a tongue twist. I started feeling dizzy. This made me to raise the alarm and Morufa also started crying. An Islamic cleric came to my rescue by making some incantations. Though I became a bit relieved, the stomach ache continued and the next thing Morufa said was that she believed that the Magun was the handiwork of her mother-in-law. I asked whether she went to her mother-in-law and for the reason she would want to harm her daughter-in-law’s fiancé since her son was dead. To my surprise, Morufa called me same day and asked about my condition. She then added that she had sex with one Baba Bidemi, and it proved that what I experienced was not Magun. Baba Bidemi was the man she called her brother. I was confused and this made me to decide that I was no longer interested in the relationship if she could deceive me for about two years that we were together. She started begging me”.


According to Yisua, it was at this junction that Morafa confessed that the man she had always claimed to be her brother was her husband

“I probed her further and she confessed that the man was her husband and that she had five children, though she initially told me that three children she did not declare as her own were born by the wife of her ‘brother’ before they divorced. I stopped going to her husband’s house but we were still meeting because I wanted to collect the money I contributed as a member of a group we formed for the purpose of contributing money that we could collect in bulk. I got number six and number 20. She collected the first one and when I was to collect the second one after the discovery of her lies, she told me that she gave it to her brother (husband) to pay FRSC fine. But to my surprise, when I saw the brother (husband), he was riding a brand new motorcycle. This infuriated me so much because I felt used. She continued to plead with me to forgive her, saying that I was the salt of her life. But I was so hurt by her deception and the devil pushed me to an evil act. So I conceived the plan to pour acid on her. On November 25, 2015, she asked me to come and collect my money, and I took the acid jar along with me. We stood at a point not too far from her residence and in the course of our discussion I brought out the jar, opened it and poured the content on her. She screamed and ran off, while a bit of the liquid splashed on me. I also ran away to my village at Omi Adio to hide until a week ago when I learnt that she reported me at a radio station. I was at the radio station to state my own side when police came to arrest me.”

Yisua says he regrets his action. Morafa is currently writhing in pain and requires N3 million for corrective surgery. Her real husband is said to have forgiven her and takes care of their children. Meanwhile Yisua is presently in prison and will be re-arraigned in court on November 9th.