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PDP Ro Buhari Ki O Kede Ipe Pajawiri Ni Ipinle Imo

Awon Omo Egbe PDP ti ipinle Imo ti ke pea are buhari lati kede ipe pajawiri ni ipinle imo. Eyi n waye leyin ti iroyin kan pe opolopo eeyan ni awon agbofinro pa ni ipinle naa ni ojo eti Saturday August 26, 2017 nigbati won se ifehonu han lori wiwo oja eke onunwa. Agbenuso fun pdp ni ipnile imo, chief enyinna onuegbu so wipe ipinle na ti wa ninu idaro lati igba ti iselelaabi yi ti sele. Onuegbu tun so wipe gbogbo eniyan ni o n gbadura si olorun pe ki o gba won lati owo sokun gomina won.

E TUN LE KA: Aya Aare Aisha Buhari Lo Mecca

O so wipe “It has been the saddest three days in the history of Imo State only comparable to the genocide of the Civil War days. Indeed all Christian denominations, in all places of worship last Sunday had a common sermon and prayer point for the Almighty God to deliver Imo State from the evil clutches and despoliation by a Governor who claims a mandate freely given by majority of the people he has now turned round to punish like Pharaoh did to the children of Israel. We know their prayers shall overcome Okorocha’s wickedness. The Peoples Democratic Party, Imo State Chapter wishes to place on record that the Governor of Imo State had no reason whatsoever to visit the inhabitants of Owerri Capital City with this brazen demolition of the Owerri Main Market and the Hausa Quarters in the thick of the rainy season and the dead of the night.”

E TUN LE KA: Emi Ati Ooni O Fe Ara Wa Mo – Olori Wuraola

Agbenuso fun egbe pdp tun tako aheso ti o so wipe ijoba ipinle fun awon ti n se oro aje ninu oja naa ni aaye ki won to bere sini wo oja naa. O so wipe…  “The claim by the State Government of having given ample notice and having an alternative site (a naturally water logged ditch at Ohii in Mbaitoli L.G.A) is sheer falsehood. This is because the Owerri Main Market cannot justifiably be relocated to a Local Government that is not within the Owerri Capital Territory nor in Owerri Federal Constituency. The residential areas and indigenous population in Owerri cannot be relocated to the place where Okorocha claims to be a new site. We also know that the uncompleted alternative site is already allocated to a private property development company and third parties who are expecting the forceful eviction of traders in the Main Market by Okorocha to provide them with tenants for their uncompleted and water logged markets stalls at Ohii; A case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Iroyin to n kakaakiri so wipe awon agbofinro ma wan i gbogbo agbegebe kakaakiri ipninle imo lati rip e ko si irufin kankan