E Wo Igb’Iyanju Wa Lori IDIBO Ti O N Bo Ni Odun 2019 – ALAGA INEC


E Wo Igb’Iyanju Wa Lori IDIBO Ti O N Bo Ni Odun 2019 – ALAGA INEC

Alaga Ajo ti o n bojuto Oro Ibo ni orile ede Nigeria iyen ‘INEC’ (Independent National Electoral Commission), Mahmood Yakubu ti fi awon omo Nigeria l’okan bale wipe Idibo odun 2019 yoo je eyi ti o dara ju yato si t’tateyin wa.

Mahmood je okan lara awon ti o soro ni ojoru ti o koja nibi ipade Mokandinlogun ti Ile-igbimo asofin agba ti won ti soro nipa Ajo awon Alukoro ni Nigeria (B.O.N – Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria). O wipe, Ajo INEC ti wa ni igbaradi fun eto idibo naa lati fi je ki ohun ti awon n le wa si imuse.

O so ni ede geesi wipe:

“We in INEC are already in election mood and we have been reminding ourselves of the timeframe we have until the 2019 general elections.

“We are determined to make the 2019 general elections the best ever in Nigeria. We cannot do it alone as INEC, we need the full support of all stakeholder. Only by working together can we continue to deepen our democracy. Our commitment to the Nigerian people is that only the votes cast in any election will determine the outcome. Nothing more, nothing less,”  ko je bi o ti wi.

Oga agba INEC naa soro nipa awon ti o ti fi oruko sile fun eto idibo naa ni asiko yii ati iye egbe oselu ti o ti f’oruko sile labe ajo naa.

O tesiwaju wipe:

“The first election will hold on Saturday, February 16, followed two weeks later by the second set of elections on the March 14. This means that from now to the opening of polling units at 8:00 am on Saturday, February 16, 2019, it is exactly 289 days away.

“The total number of registered voters is projected at because we are still registering under the continuous voters’ registration exercise, 80 million for the next general elections. Right now, we have 68 registered political parties.”

Mahmood so wipe sise eto idibo odun 2019 yoo je ohun ti o l’agbara gidi gan-an ni sugbon o fi wa lokan bale wipe awon ti gb’aradi fun igbese nla naa.

Ni ede geesi Mahmood o wipe:

“It is going to be a huge exercise, very tasking and very challenging. We are fully aware of the enormity of responsibilities on our shoulders when conducting elections,” he added.


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