Toyin Abraham ti gbogbo awon ololufe re mo teleri si Toyin Aimakhu je osere ti ko ko lati so oun ti o wa ni okan re ri ti wo ba n soro nipa wiwa ni alafia ara re. Gbogbo eniyan naa lo mo osere Toyin Abraham gege bi osere ti o kun oju osuwon, amo opo eyan o mo wipe ni igba kan ri ni aye Toyin Abraham, o ni wahala pelu irewesi okan ati Lilo ogun oloro. O so oro yi di mimo ni ibi ifiorowanilenu wo li pe yi wipe nigba ti gbogbo nkan koja agbara oun, oun koju si ogun oloro.

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Nkan ti o so ninu iforowanilenuwo naa ree…. “Depression came as a result of the negativities around me at the time. Like I said in that interview, I didn’t plan for a broken marriage and after the marriage ended, I was down and I didn’t give myself enough time to heal before jumping into another relationship. I lost touch with things that used to work for me, things were just spiraling out of control, it felt like I was no longer in control of my life and so when a friend introduced me to drugs, I embraced it and tried to find solace with it. It was like an awakening. I realised I deserve more and that I needed to keep looking at the bigger picture. So, I sought for help, I changed my team and the people around me. I changed some of my friends too and here I am today. All in all, I thank God for the grace and for a new me” s


Toyin Abraham so siwaju si wipe, ni gbogbo ara oun, omu oun ni o da ju lara oun.

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