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#Orisun: Ee Gbo Nnkan Ti Oyedepo Ri So Nipa Bukola SARAKi

#Orisun: Ee Gbo Nnkan Ti Oyedepo Ri So Nipa Bukola SARAKi

Oyedepo ti ri nnkan so nipa igbese ti SARAKI gbe lo si inu egbe PDP paapajulo ni ipinle Kwara beeni awon ero ti o tele Alhaji Bukola Saraki naa ri nnkan gbo lori igbese naa.

Iyiola Oyedepo ti o je alaga egbe oselu PDP ni ipinle Kwara teleri ti o sun lo si inu egbe APC pariwo sita wipe egbe PDP gbe ida-ogota bi ipinle naa se ri le owo Saraki ti ko si ye ki o ri bee.

O tesiwaju lati ra’wo ebe si Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu lati se ohun ti o to lori awon eniyan tuntun ti o wo inu egbe naa.

Gege bi Oyedepo se so fun iwe iroyin Guardian, O sipe

” A wa ninu igbekun ni ipinle Kwara. O se pataki ki a se itoju ipinle Kwara ki a to gb’ayanju ati tun orile ede Nigeria se. Gbogbo awuye-wuye wa lori ipinle Kwara ko seyin Saraki oooo.Ki a ma pa iro fun ara wa. Saraki je eegun ni ofun wa nitori wipe oun naa ni o maa n yan awon concillors, asofin ati beebeelo lati lo s’oju ipinle Kwara. O wipe Saraki kii se eni ti o maa n duro s’oju kan rara bi o se se ni odun 2003 ti o kuro lati ANPP lo si inu egbe PDP, beeni o sun kuro lati inu egbe naa lo si APC ti o si fi odun 2018 pada si egbe PDP ti o ti ko sile teleri”

O ke rara wipe gbogbo eniyan ni o n sun tele Saraki ti won si fi bii iye eniyan merin sile ninu egbe APC ; Oun, Olori awon obinrin, igbakeji alaga, akapo ati olori-odo.

Ni ede geesi o wipe:

“When Bukola Saraki decided to move from APC to PDP, we believed that he has already infiltrated the party. He has more or less provided some sort of stench that may make the party become an unwarranted instrument that can change anything in Kwara State. And necessarily because our politics is different from his, we had to leave their party,” he stated.

“PDP said anybody coming to PDP with governor will have 60 per cent and those that have been piloting the affairs of the party for a long time will only have 40 per cent. Another obnoxious policy is that whoever decamps from APC to PDP will be given automatic ticket.

“The governor decamped, even if he can no longer run any term, three senators decamped, six members of the House of Representatives decamped, almost 24 members of the House of Assembly decamped, 16 council chairman decamped, if those people are to be given automatic tickets, what therefore remains for those of us who had been piloting the affairs of that party for a long time. So we had to leave.

“But, not because of that alone, even if we were given all those slots and Senator Saraki would still come, we will have a moral burden to be with him, because for a long time, we had been telling the whole world that he has not been able to govern well, infrastructure in Kwara State has collapsed, hospitals are not there, no medication and no personnel, educational institution is not a thing we can be proud of, poverty is everywhere and these are the things that we have been telling the general public about the same misgovernance.

“Now if we have to be in the same party with Saraki, we will have a moral burden. That explains why we believe that even if we were given 100 per cent of the slots, we still do not want him behind us because it is not going to be something we can explain to the people.

“We have also held series of meetings with the national chairman and some top leaders of APC. We have even invited Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is the national leader. We have been meeting with the party leadership to make sure that we integrate fully into the party. New congresses would soon be held and we hope to enjoy full participation. Luckily, when we came in, we could not meet any substantive executive, because they were headed by Balogun-Fulani, which was dissolved, we only met a caretaker committee headed by Bashir Bolarinwa.

“Registration would be done probably within one week, after that primaries will be held and leaders will emerge and everything we have, we are not losing anything, it makes the platform to be more credible because incidentally when Saraki and the governor were leaving, many people decided not to go with them. Not less than 85 per cent of our people followed me to APC. If you had 85 per cent with the people in APC before, the party is richer now.”