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Orin Mi Ma N Ran Awon Omo Naija Leti Isoro Won – Seun Kuti

Ogbeni Seun Kuti so wipe awon eniyan ko feran lati maa gbo awon orin ti oun ba ko nitoripe o maa n je ki won ranti awon isoro ti won ni. Nje looto ni pe orin Seun maa n je ki a ranti isoro wa? E ka ayoka yii ki e le gbo bi oro naa ti lo.

The Afrobeat singer takes a direct swipe at elitists, saying they are the actual ones that don’t want his music on radio because of their wicked acts.

Seun Kuti talks about his songs not getting airplay on mainstream Nigerian radio.


“ OAPs tell me that Nigerians don’t want  to hear my music because it reminds them of their problems, so for that even my music cannot be played on the radio” Seun Kuti laments.

The Afrobeat artist and last son of late legendary musican Fela Anikulapo Kuti was speaking on Sahara TV when he voiced out this displeasure.

He attacks the elites on his speech saying “It is not the people that don’t want to hear their problems, it is the elites that don’t want to hear their atrocities.”

Seun has always been known to be very vocal about social and politically oriented matters, evident in his music.

This could be captured on his records such as in his recent EP “ Struggle Sounds”.

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