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Omo Omo YInka Quadri Pe Odun Kan Loni, E ki Ku Ojo Ibi





Ki odunto koja to kasenle, yewande Quadri, iyen omo obirin akoko osere Yinka Quadri bi omo okunrin ti won so ni AbdulMaleek Ololade Olamide Boluwatife Alao Alexis Ibikunle. Omo kekere oun tip e omo odun kan bayii, ti o si yaa opolopo aworan lati se ajoyo ayeye naa..


yinka-quadri-orisun  yinka-quadri-orisun    yinka-quadri-orisun  yinka-quadri-orisun    yinka-quadri-orisun    yinka-quadri-orisun

Iya re, fi gbogbo aworan naa si ori ero abanidore, o si ko iwe si wipe:

“Everytym I look at u,I’m reminded hw life can be so beautiful,how God blessed and love me so much.for he gave such an amazing and handsome child to me,Every time I look at you, I’m reminded how life can be so beautiful, How God blessed and loved me so much.
For He gave such a wonderful and handsome child to me. I am so happy to see you grow each day with me. I may sometimes yell at you, or may always be busy to attend to your needs. But, here in my heart, I always regret being unfair to you at times. I am sorry. Your birthday reminds me that you are my life. I could not wish anything for you because I believe you already have the best of both worlds.
But I’m praying you’ll be happy always. Happy birthday my king…#myfirstfruit# #manyhappyreturnsmyworld#”

“Pls allow me to flood ur timeline….Wow…I can’t bliv it’s a year already wen I welcm dis cute Prince Charming of mine…Thank u God for blessing me wit dis lil creature… @kingalexis_____ u came wen I wasn’t even expecting u,it was with mixed feelings and d pure love of ppl around me that propelled me to accept my fate not knowing you are a blessing in disguise…u ?up my world…u are always full of smiles and u brightens my mood everytym I see ur face…Now u are ☝️ I pray Almighty Allah guide ur steps and ur ways…u will soar high and be uplifted among ur peers…Happy birthday once again my libra king”