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E O So Ooto Nipa Awon Iko Boko Baram ooo, Fayose Pariwo Mo Ijoba Buhari

E O So Ooto Nipa Awon Iko Boko Baram ooo, Fayose Pariwo Mo Ijoba Buhari lana Ode Oni. Gomina ti ilu Ekiti ti ba awon Idile Ologun ti won padanu emi won nigba ti won Koju ija si Awon Boko Haram eleyi ti o waye ni Buni Yadi ni ipinle Yobe. O si pe Ijoba Buhari wipe ki won ye maa tan ara won pelu awon Iroyin pe won ti bori Iko naa.

Gomina naa ti o so wipe Ogun ti o n lo lowo yii pelu Iko Boko Haram naa ko le se ayafi ki awon Ijoba ati awon alagbara ile yi so ododo idi oro ti o n sele.

“Ti o ba je Nitooto ni wipe won ti segun awon Iko Boko Haram, Nibo ni awon ado oloro ti won n ju ti wa?” Ninu oro ti o jeyo ni bi Iroyin ti Oluranlowo pataki  ati Adari Iroyin fun Fayose so, Fayose so wipe ” Awon omo Nigeria ti n ja ogun fun odun to po seyin bayii, Boko Haram kan je okan ninu won.

Ni ede Oyinbo O wipe  “It is like a patient telling his doctor that nothing is wrong with him. How will such patient be treated?” He said it was funny that the federal government was celebrating the recovery of what they called Boko Haram flag as a sign of defeat of the insurgents while more daring attacks were being made by the same Boko Haram against the army, killing our gallant soldiers. “The reality is that insecurity has increased in Nigeria more than President Muhammadu Buhari met it. Herdsmen have even killed more Nigerians than Boko Haram in the last one year while hundreds have died through extrajudicial killings by security agencies,” the governor said. Speaking on the 21 Chibok girls, said to have been rescued, Governor Fayose maintained that the real story behind the Chibok girls abduction will be told one day. He said the federal government must have to tell Nigerians why the 21 rescued Chibok girls have not returned to their families since last year October. “Have you ever seen anyone that will be in captivity for that long and won’t be eager to reunite with his or her family two months after regaining freedom? “If the girls are truly Chibok girls, their freedom must be total. They must also be allowed to tell their own stories. “However, as it appears, the girls may have moved from one captivity to another,” he said.