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“Mo Gbadura Ki Epo Robi  Nigeria Gbe” –E l Rufai

Gomina Ipinle Kaduna, Nasir El-Rufai ti so wipe oun fe ki epo robi Nigeria ki o gbe, ti o sip e epo naa ni as “easy money”.

O so wipe owo nla ti won n pa lati ori epo ni idi ti ijoba ilu Nigeria o se se nkan titun . O so eleyi ni Ibadan Ni ojo Abameta , September 9 nigbati o n soro ni ibi 2017 Town Hall Meeting/Founder’s Day celebration fun iranti ojogbon ojetunji Aboyade.

Gomina El RUfai so wipe ti epo robi oun bag be, ijoba ati awon omo Nigeria ma karamao aisiki lati gbe orile ede Nigeria soke. O so wipe: “Because Nigeria gets easy money from oil, the nation has lost its thinking initiative on how to develop other sources of revenue and diversify the economy. We get easy money, we do not collect taxes and our taxes are six per cent of Gross Domestic Product; that is an average of 21per cent. We stop respecting the intellectuals that we have in our universities because we get easy money. This is very sad, I wish the oil will dry up so that we can begin to use our brains because we have stopped using our brains and we have stopped respecting intellects because of easy money.”

El rufai tun so wipe aabo ni inu ilu Nigeria o to, O tun so siwaju si wipe: “It is obvious that Nigeria is severely under-policed, and will require more personnel, intelligence assets, better training, technology and equipment for its security agencies for the country to be a credible guarantor of security. Even if these were to be available, it is also debatable whether a single centralised policing system, structure and staffing for 200 million citizens is viable in a diverse, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation like Nigeria.”