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Mi o tori Okunrin di Musulumi” – Alhaja Liz Aishat Anjorin

Gegebi nkan ti osere Liz anjorin so ni iforowanilenu wok an, o ni oun o di musulumi nitori okunrin o, wipe oun kan pinu lai tele esin ti iya oun n se ni.

Liz so wipe; “If I changed to Islam because of a man, why am I still single? People just like to say all sorts, but I’m not bothered anyway. This is my second time of going to Mecca after my conversion; I went first in 2013. My name remains Liz Anjorin, but I adopted the Muslim name, Aishat, and that’s all. My father was a Christian, while my mother was a Muslim. I only decided to follow my mother’s path.”

liz-anjorin-orisun liz-anjorin-orisun

Osere Liz ti o se ifilole ere agbelewo re Owo Nairabet Laipe yii so wipe esin tuntun ti oun se gba yi lo je ki oun pa imura oun da…“I’m a private person and people don’t know much about me. If you check my Instagram page, you would see that my mode of dressing has changed. But as a celebrity and entertainer, I can wear anything to showcase my talent, which is work-related. I don’t need to write it on my forehead that I’m a Muslim.”