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Mi O Ki N Se Gbajue,E gbadura Fun Mi- Dammy Krane

Dammy Krane ti pe gbogbo omo nigeria wipe ki won gba adure fun oun bi ejo re ni court se n sumo si, olorin oun ti so nibi iforowanilenuwo kan wipe oun o mo nkankan nipa esun gbajue ti won fi kan oun pe orin oun nikan ni oun gbajumo. Everybody knows that I’m just all about my music. I’m a musician I don’t do flight bookings, I’m innocent of the allegation. Everyone should please pray for me to come out of this successfully’.

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Dammy Krane tun so siwaju wipe, ‘I’ve a hearing soon, but my lawyer tells me I don’t have to be there, like I said God is in control. Everybody should just keep praying and supporting me. I did a song I recorded a day after I actually got out of jail, I was talking about all these things, especially the prayers my fans said for me.’

Dammy Krane soro ni ikagba wipe oun ni orin kan ti o soro nipa gbogbo nkan ti o sele  ‘I actually appreciate everybody and I put it in a song and I’m going to be dropping it soon.’