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“Ko Si Producer Ti o Ma Ni Ki Osere Bora Ki O to Gba Ise”- Mr Latin

Osere Aderinposhonu Bolaji Amusan ti gbogbo eniyan mo si Mr Latin je osere ti o ti derin pa opo eeyan latari awon ere agbelewo ti o n se. Ni aipe yi Ogbeni Latinso oro nipa bi bora awon osere obirin I o wan i nollywood, o so wipe; “Well, I think it’s a matter of personal conviction.

It’s not peculiar to the female artists alone; some male artists are also guilty of this act. We can also attribute it to bad company. Some believe that with a flashy colour, they’ll get easily noticed, so they just go for it”

Mr Latin tun so oro siwaju wipe awon obirin kan gbagbo wipe awon producers ma ri awon dada ti awon ba pupa eleyi ti o ma n je ki won tun bo bo ara won. O tun so wipe awon kan gbagbo pe shebi ore awon pupa awon naa ma pupa… e ka siwaju sii; “Some other believes that producers will notice them easily if they are fair in complexion, so they step up by toning. Also, some believe that since my friend is light skinned, I have to be light skinned too. But the truth is that, nobody, no producer will make it compulsory for you to be fair or light skinned before you can get a role.”


Mr latin tun se akawe kan ninu iforowanilenu wo naa lati fi idi anfani ati ibaje bi bora han, o ni wipe ti won ba fe fi ogbeni antar laniyan tabi ogogo se baba ninu ere, o maa le ki won fi obirin ti o pupa se omo re;  “Let’s even take for example, if Antar Laniyan is playing the role of a father, it would be difficult to use a fair skinned lady as his daughter, same as if Ogun Majek, or Ogogo is acting as a father in a movie too, it would look absurd to cast a very fair skinned girl as the daughter. Therefore, being dark or light skinned have their different advantages and disadvantages”.