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Ki Bukola Saraki Tete Fi IPO Re Sile Ni Kiakia O – OSHIOMOLE

Alaga fun gbogbo egbe APC ni gbogbo orile ede Nigeria; iyen ogbeni Adams Oshiomole ti ke gbajari sita wipe ki Gomina ipinle Kwara teleri ti o je Are fun awon asofin-agba kuro lori oye ti o wa nitori awon idi ti o fi lele ninu iroyin yii.

Ni ibi Ipade ti Oshimole ati awon loruko-loruko labe asia egbe APC ni pelu Aare Muhammadu Buhari lori awon ti o n ti egbe kan ya bara si omiran.

Gege bi a ti rii gbo, Oshiomole so fun awon ti o wa nibi ipade naa eyi ti o s’oju ile-igbimo asofin agba leyin ipade naa wipe nnkan ti o ye omoluabi fun Ogbeni Bukola Saraki ni ki o fi oye Aare Ile-asofin naa sile ni kiakia nitori wipe o ti fi egbe awon sile beeni egbe awon ni o fun-un ni agbara lati gbe igba ibo naa.

Gomina Ipinle Sokoto; Aminu Tambuwal ti o kede fifi egbe APC sile lo si egbe asia PDP ni ojoru ti o koja ni o faa ti awon eniyan miran fi ni igboya lati fi egbe naa sile. Beeni Abdulfatah Ahmed ti ipinle Kwara naa ti tele Samuel Ortom ti ipinle Benue lati kin awon ti o fi egbe APC sile leyin.


Oshiomole so wipe yoo bu iyi kun ogbeni SARAKI ti o ba fi ipo ti o wa naa sile fun eni ti ipo ye ninu egbe APC. Oshiomole tesiwaju ni ede geesi wipe:

“But whatever is the reason, we can defect from the party but we can’t defect from Nigeria. The only thing is that there are other consequential issues that every man or woman of honour who had taken such decisions would be expected to follow through.

“I mean you should not collect a crown that belongs to a family and wear it on behalf of the family if for your personal reasons which he has enumerated that he has gone to another family.

“It is just a matter of honour to leave the crown in the house that the crown belongs to.

“As it stands even now, the APC is still the largest party in the Senate. We have 53 senators, that is much more than what the PDP has, or APGA has.”

Oshimole ti o je gomina ipinle Edo so wipe awon ti ri awon ami kookan wipe awon eniyan ti o kuro yoo kuro; wipe ko ba awon lojiji. Sugbon nnkan ti ko mu inu awon dun ni isele naa.


Ko da enu duro, o wipe;

 “Nobody in the APC will be surprised about the development. In fact, they have stayed a little bit longer than we thought. Last week, the Kwara State governor said he was leaving but he didn’t say when. So, we are not surprised at all. But these are what I might call temping moments because I had faced similar situations in my state, when people were leaving.

“But the beauty of democracy is that whether big or small, it is one man one vote on election day. There is no difference between a senator, a president, a journalist and any other person.

“In a sense, we have to accept that once a couple for one reason or the other find out that they are not compatible, the only honourable thing is to go.”

Oshiomole so wipe inu oun dun gidi-gidi wipe Saraki gba wipe oun ati Yemi Osinbajo ati awon gomina ipinle kookan gb’iyanju lati tu ninu lori isele ti o je ki o fi egbe naa sile. O wipe oun ko le ti maa sise ki won to bi oun; eyi ti o so gege bi owe lati fi ye Saraki leyin ti Saraki so wipe igbese ti Oshiomole ati aown t’oku gbe pe ki o to waye.

Oshiomole so wipe Eko nla ni isele naa ko awon; wipe yoo je ki awon se awon atunse ti o ye ninu egbe naa.