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Jamb je Idanwo ti o ma n waye ni odoodun. Iroyin ti jade wipe ti odun yii a le kenka. Ilana tuntun ti a ri gbo so wipe Ero ayaworan ti won oe ni CCTV ni awon Jamb yio lo ni odun yii.

The new rules and guidelines, includes the adoption of CCTV cameras for all the CBT centres; adoption of a single hall containing 250 functional desktop or laptop computer systems with extra 25 as backups; that the computers must be minimum 15 inch screens and must be connected to robust computer server with capacity to carry a minimum of 250 systems concurrently; adoption of cabled Local Area Network (LAN) and not wireless connectivity.


Other guidelines are the adoption of cubicles with minimum length of 26 by 18 inches; adequate security with minimum of five technical personnel and a network engineer on site; availability of back-up power supply (power generating set of minimum of 40KVA for a centre with 250 systems) and UPS/inverters that can carry all systems for a minimum of two hours; centres to have minimum of 250-capacity reception facility such as canop