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Ijoba Ile Wa Ti Ko Iroyin Nipa Iyapa Ninu Isejoba Buhari

Ijoba Ile Wa Ti Ko Iroyin Nipa Iyapa Ninu Isejoba Buhari

Ijoba Apapo ile wa ti b’enu ate lu iroyin nipa iyapa ti won n pariwo wipe o wa laari Aare Buhari ati Igbakeji re. Won tesiwaju lati so wipe Iroyin ti o n lo nipa ipinya je eyi ti won fe fi pete ote laarin ijoba won.

Iroyin kan jade wipe lati ojo ti Aare Buhari ti wa ni Ilu London fun itoju ni agbara ti gun igbakeji re, Sugbon lati igba ti o ti de, Buhari ti gba Igbakeji re Yemi Osinbajo segbe.

Gegebi atejade lati enu Oludamoran agba fun Aare lori Iroyin ati Ikede, Ogbeni Garba Shehu, O so wipe, iro palaba ni iroyin naa je; beeni iroyin naa jade lati mu idaru-dapo wa si Ijoba awon.

Mi O So Wipe Mo Ma P’ara Mi Ti Buhari Ba Wa Le Laaye- Fayose

Ninu atejade naa, o so ni ede Oyinbo awon nnkan ti o wa ni isale yii:

“To begin with, it is absolutely nonsensical and absurd to write that in one week of the President’s return, the Vice President has been sidelined. Quite on the contrary, the Vice President remains the confidante and the closest adviser to the President.

“He has attended all the President’s  engagements all through the week with the exception of two: one, the VP was away to Taraba state and two, the Juma’at Muslim prayer because he is a Christian.

“It is difficult to understand what anyone wants to achieve peddling such falsehood that the President, himself a former military general and Head of State and Commander-in-Chief is subject to undue influence and manipulation. It is both ridiculous and inconceivable.

“As someone who works very closely with President Buhari, I can testify to how my years of experience as a newspaper editor are often put to the test by the sheer thoroughness with which the President edits every single document brought to his desk.  Every memo, statement, speech, is subject to his intense scrutiny, right down to the placement of commas and full stops. 

“Therefore, alleging that President Buhari signs memos brought to him by government officials or a so-called cabal without reading them, immediately casts doubts on the credibility of the ubiquitous unnamed sources that the reporters of these articles quote.

“But, of course, the President cannot do everything.  He cannot micromanage every task. That is why he needs close officials, whom he trusts, who will be willing to offend others in the process of ensuring his own safety and wellbeing, and the advancement of his vision for Nigeria.”

Ogbeni Shehu tesiwaju lati gbe’ja Olori  awon osise fun Aare Buhari iyen Abba Kyari laarin iroyin naa wipe ko ni ase lori ipinnu awon t’on se’joba.
Idi Ti Nigeria O Se Ni Isokan (Unity)
O tun tesiwaju wipe:

“The attacks on Malam Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President, COS have been leveled with such imperiousness that they must no longer be laughed off as crazy.

“The COS is like the headman of all the President’s political appointees. He has direct responsibility for multiple levels of staff working for the President.

“Part of his role includes liaising with ministries and parastatals, so that he can have a full awareness of the issues being discussed whenever these groups meet with the President.
“It goes without saying that anybody who occupies such office has impeccable credentials of total loyalty to the President. Clearly, some consider this oversight role as a usurping of the President’s powers, and it is their misunderstanding of the situation that some media organisations have swallowed hook, line and sinker.

“Under this administration, as the ones before it, the office of the Chief of Staff is a branch of the President’s office. There are no power centers here.

“The only power center is that of the President who is sensitive to grassroots level administration which the Chief of Staff must ensure.

“For Abba kyari, there is no life after work. He is available to the President 24/7.”

Shehu so wipe awon iroyin buruku ti o n jade yii n jade lati fi si Aare Buhari lona ni ati lati fi gbe oju re kuro lori Erongba rere ti Aare ni lati jeki Orile ede Nigeria je ibi nla fun gbogbo omo Nigeria.

O rawo ebe fun atileyin gbogbo awon oniroyin wa lori Ijoba Buhari o si pe fun aifiyesi awon iroyin ti o n f’esunkanni ati awon eyi ti ko ni idi.