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Ijoba Ipinle Eko Kede No Movement Ni Ale Ni Ikorodu

Ijoba ipinle eko ti kede wipe eto No Movement ranpe maa waye ni agbegbe ikorodu road lati ri daju pe won se ona irinse (pedestrian bridge) omiran  si Fadeyi Bus stop.

Ninu atejise ti permanent ssecetary ni Ministry of works, Olujimi Hotonu,fi ounte lu, ijoba eko so wipe….“the main carriage lanes of the Ikorodu Road would be closed to traffic for two nights on Saturday, 23rd September, between 11pm and 6am, and Sunday 24th between 11pm and 4am, while the service lanes will be open to traffic”.

Ijoba Eko tun so siwaju si wipe; “all traffic both inward Lagos and outward Ojota will be diverted to the service lanes. We are soliciting for the cooperation and support of all road users especially motorists plying the corridor to observe all the precaution signs on the road. We have put in place effective traffic management strategies to manage the traffic during the period of closure.