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Ija Hausa Pelu Yoruba Beele Ni Ile-Ife Pa Eniyan Marun

Eniyan Marun ni a gbo wipe won pa ninu Ija ti o sele ni Ile Ife bi awon Hausa ati Yoruba se bere Ija. Ki olorun oba yawa ya Ogun ni Nigeria.

Isele naa sele ni agbegbe Sabo ni Ile-ife nipa bi awon Yoruba ati igbo se ni aawo.

The incident is said to have occurred in the Sabo area following a disagreement between a Hausa man and a Yoruba woman.

The situation reportedly escalated and resulted in the deaths and loss of property, according to Channels

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Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi is said to have intervened in the matter and urged security officials to restore peace.

However, the security agents have reportedly found it difficult to control an angry mob which is wreaking havoc in the area.

Details of the incident are still sketchy as it is yet to be officially confirmed by the necessary officials.