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“Idi Ti Mo Se N Pa Iro Pe Emi Ati Iyawo Mi N Gbe Po”- African China

Ilumooka olorin, Chinagorom Onuoha ti gbogbo eeyan mo si African China ti wan i idi kikorin fun igba ti o pe sugbon opo eeyan pelu awon oniroyin gan o mo nkankan nipa ile aiye re leyin orin tio n ko. Opo o ti e mo boya o ni iyawo tabi omo ni ile. Iforowero kan pelu Sunday scoop ti fi han kedere pe African China tin i Iyawo bi o tie je wipe o fi oruko ati ibi ti won wa pamo…

Ninu Iforowanilenuwo naa, won bi African china nipa awon ebi re sugbon o ko lati so nipa won, won sit un bii nipa iroyin ti o n kan kakaakiri wipe iyawo re ngbe ni oko okun bayii, o so wipe;

“The reason many celebrity marriages fail is because the people involved often forget to leave their celebrity status outside the door. There is a lot of ego play and this undermines relationships. I do not want my wife’s face to be everywhere, then people would begin to say all sorts. I am very certain that most people in the industry don’t know what my wife looks like. We planned it from the onset that my wife and children would stay outside the country, while I would remain here to hustle.”

Won tun bi African China pe Bawo no o se n cope pelu bi iyawo ati omo re se wan i oke okun; o so wipe;
“I simply go over there to meet her anytime I miss her, or feel like seeing her. Though it may not be as often as I want but anytime I’m free, I just travel without letting anybody know my movement.”

Won tun bi African China wipe “ Gege bi ilumooka, o po dandan ki awon orekelewa obirin maa waa kiri, bawo lo se n cope pelu won”, o so wipe;

“None of these girls know that I and my wife live apart; I keep it low key. It’s just that you’re the one that would expose me now, and if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even know. Whenever people ask me, I usually tell them that I’m living with my wife.”

Lori ipo ti o wa ninu Music Industry pelu orin ti o n ko, o so wipe;

“People accepted my last song, Letter to Mr President, with open arms. I only touch on love occasionally, but mostly I sing about things that are affecting people in the land. We need to tackle the issues on ground, or they would always be there. Nobody is going to do it for us. And that is why my fan base is unbeatable. They have been loyal ever since I came on the scene; there’s nothing you can do to chase them away. And that is why I hold my fans in very high esteem.