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Enyeama Ma Pada Si Super Eagles- Gernot Rohr

Oludari egbe agbaboolu super eagles of nigeria, gernot Rohr ti so wipe goalkeeper super eagles teleri Vincent Enyeama ma pada si iko agbaboolu super eagles ti ara ra ba ti dangajiya. Ni 2015, Enyeama ti club re tele Lille ni France ti ja kule kede ifeyinti re kuro ni egbe agbaboolu apapo super eagles ojo keji ti won gba ipo adari egeb boolu na nitori wipe oni edeaiyede pelu adari super eagles tele Sunday Oliseh ti o si lo sori ero abanidore (instagram) re ti osi kede ifeyinti re.

o so wipe “I have fought a good fight for more than 13years.I have finished my course, I have kept the faith and sang the anthem with passion. henceforth, there is laid for me a crown which only GOD can reward me for my 13years of national services. God bless NIgeria. Henceforth, I am no more the captain of the NIgerian senior football team, I am no more the goalie of the team. I am out of the team. I am no more available for international duties”.

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Ninu iforowanilenu wo kan, adari super eagles, Gernot Rohr so wipe ti ara Enyeama bati ya ti o si wa club agbaboolu omiran, yoo pada wa si super eagles.  

Rohr so wipe “The true position is that I have a good relationship with Enyeama and he has a problem with the federation (NFF) before I came on board as coach. When I called him and he said there’s a problem with the federation, I cannot come at the moment. When I call him again, he asked to take some leave for his injury. I think the situation is a little bit different because some players who don’t want to play for their national team can change their mind. But unfortunately the injury of Vincent means he cannot come for this game against Cameroon, not only that he also has to find another club because his club bought two other goalkeepers. “So he cannot play at the moment at his club, he must be fit first and also find another club then hopefully he will be motivated to come back to the national team.”

Egbe agbaboolu nigeria ma ba Cameroon figagbaga ni 1st of September ni idije ese akoko  World Cup Qualifiers ni Uyo, won a si gba ese keji ni 4th of September ni Yaounde.