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Osere Eniola Badmus Na Idaji Million Naira Fun Aseje Ojo Ibi Re

Osere Nollywood, eniola Badmus ti jade lati se alaye oye ojo ori e.  Osere naa ti o se ojo ibi re ni ana ti awon ololufe ati ebi e fi atejise ojo ibi ranse si se alaye nipa oro na.   “Yes, today is my birthday, and I am so happy and fulfilled about it. I give God the glory. I am 34 today. I thank God for all He has done in my life.Who said I am not 34? If I claim that, don’t you know I still have elderly ones? What age do you want them to be? PlPlsease, I have not clocked 40, I am 34. I don’t know why people are getting it wrong.”

Bakanna, Eniola Badmus pe ajoyo aseje fun ojo ibi re ni ana ti awon osere bi Ik Ogbonna ati Rosaline Meurer wa ni ibe. Laipe Eniola fi han pe oun na to idaji billion naira fun aseje naa…ENIOLA-BADMUS-BIRTHDAY-DINNER-ORISUN