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“Asiko Ti To Fun Chelsea Lati Tun Gba Champions League”-Hazard

Eden Hazard ti gba ife Premier League, League Cup, Europa League, Ligue 1 ati Coupe de France medals ni igba ti o n gba boolu fun egbe agbaboolu Lille sugbon gbogbo ife ti o ti gba yi o to ti UEFA Champions League ti o fe gba pelu egbe agbaboolu Chelsea.

Igba ti egbe agbaboolu Chelsea yege ni champions league ni season ki hazard to darapo mo won ti eyi s ti je oun ti o n ko hazard ni ominu.  Hazard gba boolu fun Chelsea ni ojo Saturday ti won si bori Leicester pelu 2-1 leyin ti o bo lowo ankle injury, hazard pelu awon ti o ma gba boolu ni qarabag nigba ti Chelsea ba ma gba  Group C opener ni ojo Tuesday. “This year is really important. I have reached the semi-final with Chelsea [in 2014], when we lost to Atletico Madrid, so it’s in my head to win this trophy,” he told reporters. I have won the Premier League, I have won the title in France, I have won cups, but big players always want to win the Champions League. I think now it is time to win this. We have a good squad, we have a good manager, so we are ready for it. You want to play these kind of games because every time you play in the Champions League it’s a big game and everybody is watching you. I hate having to watch it on TV, I just want to be on the pitch. That isn’t a good feeling so yes, we are happy to be back.”

Iyege Chelsea labe Antonio Conte ni last season nii se pelu aisi won ni Europe fun champions league leyin igba ti won o raye sign awon agbaboolu tuntun ni transfer window sugbon hazard o beru rara:

“We’ve got seven games in three weeks and it’s completely different from last season, but we are professionals and we understand this kind of situation. We just want to play. If sometimes players are tired, somebody else can come into the team – we don’t have a problem with that. Last year we had long weeks to get ready for our Premier League games at the weekend. This season will be different because we’ll play on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, but we have a good team and we have a lot of good players and I think the manager knows that. He has the experience in both the Premier League and Champions League, so I think we can do that.”