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Idi Ti Buhari Ko Fi Jami Kule Rara – Obasanjo

Lati enu Obasanjo ni a ti gbo wipe Oun ko kabamo pe oun fowo si idibo yan Aare Orile ede yii, Mohammadu Buhari. Nigbati Obasanjo n ba awon Oniroyin paper The Guardian ni o soro nipa Ijoba Buhari ati nnkan ti oun ro nipa gbogbo ajalu ti o de ba yii.

Reviewing the performance of the administration in an interview with The Gaurdian, Obasanjo said the Buhari administration has stepped up efforts on the foreign policy segment.


In his words:  “I don’t know about what is your direction or wrong direction. But what I know is that President Buhari has not disappointed me. From what I know of him and what he has done, he has not disappointed me.

“You can come to whatever conclusion you want to. In my book I said, and that is not running him down; I said he is not strong on the economy and he is not. In fact, I also said he is not strong on foreign affairs, although he has somewhat improved on foreign affairs.

“But in the areas we know he is strong, he is doing his best. He is doing his best in fighting insurgency; he is trying his best in trying to fight corruption. So where you are facing is entirely unto you. You may be facing east or west or north.”

Obasanjo however said the youths lacked opportunities despite the availability of facilities for empowerment.

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