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BabyMama Sepe Fun Osere Mustapha Sholagbade

Osere Mustapha Sholagbade se se igbeyawo alarinrin pelu afesona re ti o n gbe ni ilu USA lai pe yi ti ore ati ojulumo pejo lati ba yo sugbon ko je iroyin ayo fun afesona ti o n fe tele. Afesona teleri ti o n jeTiti Alayoyi ko atejise togun lati fi se epe ati egun le osere yi, nibiti o ti so wipe mustapha sholagbade fi oun ta ayo. Iroyin ti o n to wa leti so wipe Ogbeni Mustapha sholagbade ni Obirin meji ti ko fe ti won si ti bi omo okunrin. sugbon eleyi ko di lowo lati je igbadun pelu iyawo e ti o wa ni ilu oba (USA).


Ninu atejise na, arabirin yi so wipe: “Right from Laspotech, Odunfa, Ebute Meta as a whole. You are a play boy, gigolo, you sleep with girls and date them because of money. You take them home to your mum and she accepts them simply because she loves money than her life and later dump them because you feel they are not up to your taste and level.” “Mustapha Ololade sholagbade let God judge me if only I am telling lies. You think you can ruin people’s life just to have peace and be happy. It’s a lie, what goes around comes around. Everybody knows why you married your new American based lover. She made you have a court wedding because she knows You will still look for a fault in her after months of marriage. How old are you with 2 baby mamas. You will reap everything on earth by the special Grace of God. I know you would deny this but let your conscience judge you and remember the day you will be alone in your Grave.”

Lowo yii, a o ti gbo nkankan lati enu Osere Mustapha Sholagbade….