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Awon T’O n Ta Epo Petrol Ti Pariwo Wipe Awon Ko Le Ta Epo Ni 145 MO

Awon Ti O N Ta Epo Ti Pariwo Wipe Awon Ko Le Ta Epo Petrol Ni 145 Si Iye Lita Kan Mo

Awon Alagbata Epo robi ni Ilu Nigeria ti kede wipe ko pe awon lati maa ja epo betiro ni iye 145 si lita kan. Eyi ni won je ki o di mimo ni ibi ipade elegbejoda awon agbaagba ninu iselu ti Abba Kyari ti o je oloye-agba dari. Ni Ile ti Ijoba ko fun are iyen Aso Rock Villa ni ilu abuja ni ipade naa ti waye.

Maikanti Baru ti o je oludari fun Ileese NNPC iyen National Petroleum Corporation pelu Ibe Kachikwu, ti o je minisita fun Epo robi pelu Lawal Daura to o je Oludari-agba fun DSS,Department of State Service ni won pejo sibi ipade naa.

Bi Ogbeni Dapo Abiodun ti o je alaga fun egbe awon alagbata epo robi ni Nigeria Depot and Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (DAPMAN) se so fun awon oniroyin; o soro nipa nnkan ti o se okunfa owongogo epo petrol.PRICE-FUEL-Petrol-Fuel-Epo

Ni Ede Geesi, o wipe:

“Today’s meeting was called at the instance of the chief of staff to the president and it was to find out exactly what happened, where we had the problems we had in December with the supply of petrol and how Nigerians were made to go through the pains and suffering,” he said.

“He wanted to know the truth and to ensure that going forward this problem will be solved once and for all. And that is why you saw that we sat in here from 2pm and the meeting just finished after three and half hours.

A lot of issues were raised and a committee was constituted that will meet tomorrow under the chairmanship of the minister of petroleum to further go into the nitty-gritty and to ensure that these problems do not reoccur again.

Nkan ti iya Fathia Balogun se ki omo re Fathia to j’eyan ninu ise tiata

“From our point of view as marketers, we made our submission known to government and we emphasised the fact that this was not a marketer-related problem. There was no hoarding on the part of any marketer. Marketers are your brothers, they are Nigerian citizens, they are businessmen, no marketer makes money from hoarding petroleum products, our business is to take petrol and sell.

“We explained that the problem that you saw is not willful on the part of anyone either NNPC or marketers.

“The situation, from our point of view, is that from January to December, the price of crude remained relatively stable. Following the Hurricane Katrina in the month of September, October, crude prices went up and marketers lost the ability to import and sell at N145 per liter.

“Since the price of crude is directly proportional to the refined product, we could not import petrol and sell at N145 anymore. And this business is a partnership between marketers and NNPC. Marketers bring in a certain volume and NNPC also brings in a certain volume.”