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Ko Si Ofin Ti O De Wiwo Aso Ise, Oga Awon Customs Sofun Sineeti

Ogagun agba fun awon ti o n dari kikeru wole ati jade kuro ni agbegbe ati ibode Nigeria ti a n pe ni Customs lana sofun awon Sineti pe ki won mu ofin naa jade ti o de wiwo aso ise ogun.

E ka Eleyi toku ni ede Geesi:

The Senate had summoned on Tuesday, March 7, Ali over the planned seizure of vehicles that have not paid duty. They also said he ‘must appear in appropriate uniform’.

But Ali arrived the National Assembly in white native attire and a white cap.

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When deputy Senate president, Ike Ekeremadu asked why Ali was in mufti rather than his uniform, he said; “There is no law to my knowledge that compels me to wear uniform.

Senator Barau Jibrin told the comptroller general to comply with the directive to wear uniform.