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Araosan Lo Ba Mi De Nu Ko Iyawo Mi- Antar Laniyan

Ninu industry ere Yoruba, Antar Laniyan je oruko nla ti gbogbo eeyan fe diro mo. Antar Laniyan je ogbontarigi osere ti gbogbo awon adari ere si n fe ki o ma wa ninu ere won ni gbogbo igba nitori bi ose ma n se daadaa ninu ipa ti won ba fun. Looto, Ipinle osun ni idile oba ni Antar Laniyan ti wa sugbon ipinle eko ni won bii si. O si dagba si ogba awon soja ti o je ki Antar Laniyan ni ife si ise awon soja ki o to lo si ile iwe giga University Ibadan lati ka theatre arts… Antar Laniyan jo ko fun iforowanilenu wo pely GBOLAHAN Adetayo ti o si soro nipa ise re, ife ati ile aye re… e ka die ninu iforowanilenu wo naa…


What was the attraction when you met her?

That is another aspect of Antar, I am a very shy person. In those days, I couldn’t ask women out. I and Araosan were sitting together at the National Theater Lagos and I saw a lady going in to watch a film and I told Araosan that this babe is beautiful, he said you that you don’t know how to toast, go and sit down. I never knew, he just stood up and approached her on my behalf and when he came back, he said the babe you said you want is very tough. She said even though you are Antar Laniyan the star, can’t you come by yourself. I saw that as a challenge and I walked up to her when she finished watching the film. I told her that you said can’t I come myself? She said ,yes because if you are man enough, you should walk up to a woman and ask her out, not that you will send a messenger. That was all. She later found out that I am a shy person.


How does your wife cope with the pressure of seeing you going to locations at all times?

The thing is that she knew I was into acting before she married me. She wanted me to achieve because I remember that time when she complained about a movie I did that I played the role of a husband and a woman played the role of my wife, it got to a point where we had to hug ourselves. We did, but when the film came out, my wife was saying you didn’t hug and kiss her very well, I said really? Don’t worry. That is why I will say I have her support. She said I didn’t do it right because I was trying to guard myself. She said it is my job and I have to do it right..


Did you work anywhere before?

Not at all. I got married so late because I got married to acting. I didn’t even remember until when it was getting late for my mum that she had to untie her headgear and say look at my head, what is the problem with you? I didn’t remember that I had to get married.


You don’t produce movies like others, why?

It is because you know that when you spend heavily on a movie and you take it to Arena, no matter the amount you must have spent on it, they are going to buy it less than half a million. To me, that doesn’t make sense. So, I will just sit and pick up scripts from those who need my service. I have hope that someday things will change. Stage play will resurface. For example, our mothers who come on a visit from the village, you buy several films for them to watch but now, that mama will tell you don’t buy films because Africa Magic is there. That means that they are not going to buy films again. And Africa Magic has a certain amount that they will buy your film. And they will not even take rubbish from you. The hope now is that, if cable TV like Africa Magic are everywhere and they say bring soaps, bring 52 episodes. If they think you are doing well they ask for more. If they are paying you N30,000 per episodes, by the time you multiply it to that 2, you will know what you have at hand. If they are showing it every day, that calls for more and all that. That is the only hope I believe we still have.

 Having spent more than 3 decades in the industry, would you say you are fulfilled?

If you ask me  have I achieved happiness,  I will say yes but monetarily no. Then, Yoruba adage says “Owa Owolo, Opade Iyi Lona”, meaning even if you have the money is it not to earn yourself a respect? That doesn’t mean that someone appreciates what you are doing and I won’t I appreciate him in return.