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Amosun fun Arabirin ti o bimo si Ojude Oba ni N100K

Mrs Abibat Ayanlola, 32, ti o bi omo obirin ni igba ti won n se ojude oba festival ni ojo Sunday ni ijebu ode ti gba owo ti o ku si of N100,000 lati owo Gomina ipinle Ogun, Ibikunle Amosun

Arabirin Ayanlola, gba ebun owo na lati owo commissioner fun eto ilera Dr Babatunde Ipaye ni igbati o bee won i ile iwosan State General Hospital, Ijebu-Ode ni ojo Monday. Arabirin naa dupe lowo gomina fun anwosi ati gbogbo awon ti o ran oun ati omo re lowo nigbati isele naa sele. Ni ibi iforowanilenu wo ti won se fun arabirin ayanlola, o soro nipa bi isele ayo naa se sele, o so bi awon onimo ilera se tarasasa gbo igbe oun. Arabirin Ayanlola so wipe Ilu Awori ni Ipinle Ogun ni oun ti wa, pe oun si ma n lo si ojude oba ni odoodun.

O tun so siwaju si wipe, oun lero wipe oun ma robin i pajawiri leyin igba ti awon dokita ti so fun oun pe oun o ni robi titi di Sept 12…..“I am a caterer by trade, while my husband, Lukman is a transporter, but personally, I travel down every year from where I reside to partake in the Ojude-Oba Festival which thrills me.I went to urinate having been pressed while partaking in the event. As I came back, I started feeling uneasy and decided to relax a bit on the stairs of the pavilion. Before I realised what was happening, I couldn’t stand on my feet again and then went into labour before eventually birthing at the spot. It was the quick intervention of the emergency medical team that saved my life and that of my baby. I normally attend my antenatal clinic, which is programmed for Thursdays and was told my date for expected delivery was Sept. 12.I thank God for living through this episode and also thank Ogun Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, for his benevolence through the financial support,”.

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Ayanlola so wipe omo kerin ti oun ma bi re leyin omo meta ti gbogbo won je okunrin. Commisioner fun ilera ti ipinle ogun, dr ipaye so wipe oun ro awon alaboyun ki won ma gbe igbese ti o ye lati ri wipe won wani Alafia, ki won si tele liana dokita won papa julo ti won bati loyun fun ose marun le l’gbon (35wks). Commisioner ro awon alaboyun siwaju si wipe ki won dekun irin ajo wipe o lewu si Alafia iya ati omo

“She took a great risk, but was lucky that the emergency team prepared well for such eventuality. Usually, when we have large gatherings like this in Ogun, it is customary for us to always have an emergency medical team on standby. The baby was delivered with the umbilical cord round her neck which created some complications in her birth as we have to eliminate the risks. If that level of care was not given, the baby might not have survived and the possibility of losing the mother too was high, because she lost a lot of blood in the process.She was delivered of the baby on the floor which was not the best place for such activity; so she was immediately rushed to the hospital for proper care afterwards. I advise pregnant women that when they are close to their delivery time, they should not to be too far away from their caregivers or their family members,”