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Ambode Ati Ebi Awolowo SI Ere Pa Awolowo Ni Ikeja

Gomina ipinle eko, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode ni ojo isegun si ere Late ojogbon chief Obafemi Awolowo ni Ikeja, ti won si so wipe ilu eko ati egbe oselu APC wan i isokan lori titun ilu eko se.


“In the same corollary, the position of Lagos State on restructuring remains the same as stipulated in the manifesto of our great party, the All progressives Congress, which states that “The APC shall initiate action to amend our Constitution with a view to devolving powers, duties and responsibilities to States and local governments in order to entrench true Federalism and the Federal spirit”. Hence, we welcome the restructuring committee of the APC presently going round the country. I think Papa lived above his time, he was way ahead his ideals and principles. If you talk about public discourse right now, thirty years after, the things people are talking about are true federalism and devolution of powers and state supremacy, there are things that he had actually answered to, but people were not able to put the questions together and also to process it because of the way that Nigeria had being divided into craters and valleys. If there is anything I really want to do which I had spoke about in terms of this political journey is to touch humanity and the only example that I could see that had greater vision than anybody else is in more or less everything that Papa Awolowo stood for. So, in my own small way, I am trying to emulate, but it’s a photocopy, it’s not original, but again the ideals are the same; to strive for a better Nigeria and then to carry the Yoruba people as the real power horse for the Nigerian growth and development,”

awolowo-orisun  awolowo-orisun


Ni ibi ti won tin si ere naa, awon eeyan jankan jankan ninu ebi Pa Obafemi Awolowo ni won wani be, awon bi omo, omo omo ati omo omo omo pelu iyawo igbakeji aare orile ede yi, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo. Ambode so wipe awon ifilole awolowo ni west paapajulo eko je oun iwuri fun ijoba ni ilu Nigeria.


“Thirty years after his death, his thoughts and ideas on a wide range of issues relating to the economy, fiscal federalism and education among several others, are still as relevant today as they were back in time. His legacies and landmark achievements, particularly in the Western region including Lagos colony, have endured and remain a source of inspiration and benchmark for progressive leadership in the country. Awolowo was a symbol for the aspiration of Western Nigeria during his lifetime. His achievements remain indelible across the nation. The vision of new generation leaders like us, is to consciously rise up to his ideals and principles. This statue is not just about beautifying the environment or serving as a tourist attraction, but more importantly, it is meant to be a constant reminder to all of us and future generations of the need to value the sacrifice of our heroes and strive to uphold and promote the ideals which they stood for. May the labour of our heroes past never be in vain. So, I made up my mind that I wanted to see him seat down majestically and actually looking at all of us and saying that, ‘okay, after 30 years where are you?’. That is the reason why we did that because I wanted to see him seat down and not standing all the time,”

ambode-awolowo-orisun ambode-awolowo-orisun

ambode-awolowo-orisun ambode-awolowo-orisun

Ninu oro idupe, omo oloogbe awolowo, Dr. Tokunbo Dosunmu so wipe baba oun nigbati o wa laiye lo owo ori fi se gbogbo nkan ti awon eniyan fe atiwipe awon eeyan ti won tako bi o se lo owo ori naa pada darapo mo baba lati se oun to to.  Dr Tokunbo dupe lowo Gomina Ambode pe o ro lati gbe oruko baba oun Pa Obafemi Awolowo laruge, o si tun ki fun ise takun takun ti o n se ni ipinle eko eyi ti o je nkan ti baba oun fi lele…

ambode-awolowo-orisun ambode-awolowo-orisun