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A Ko Fagile Orin Olamide, Davido ati 9ice- Ajo NBC Lo Wi Bee

Ajo NBC (National Broadcasting Commission) ti gbegile orin olamide, davido ati 9ice ni iroyin ti a gbo laipe yii, sugbon ajo naa ti jade pada lati so wipe awon ko gbegile awon orin naa.  Mrs. Maimuna Jimada, Olri NBC lori ero ilu ti so ni iforowanilenuwo kan laipe yi wipe oun o mo nipa ase lati gbegile awon orin naa….

“First of all, the NBC does not ban songs. We only insist that broadcasters exercise a sense of responsibility in the kind of content they allow to go on air. So even if the NBC has placed such a restriction on any of these songs, it does not constitute a ban.  They can still be played at nightclubs, streamed on the Internet, played at home and on people’s mobile devices. But I am not aware of the NBC releasing any list banning or putting a restriction on any of those five songs. It is also possible that one of our regional offices advised stations under their jurisdiction about these songs and it is now being misinterpreted as a ban.”

Won pada so siwaju wipe aworan ti on fi awon orin ti won gbegile  (Olamide‘s Wo and Wavy Level; Davido‘s Fall and If (Remix); and 9ice’s Living Things) han ni baa ninu….

“If you look at the report, you would know there was something fishy about it because the NBC is the National Broadcasting Commission and not a “Corporation” as being reported by the media outlets disseminating the news.”