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Profiles of Our Top 9 Affordable Mobiles for 2016

1. Blackberry Leap is a mid-priced smartphone available in Nigeria for around 50,000 Naira. The device is notable for being a Blackberry phone without a traditional keyboard. One key advantage is that the battery is fairly long lasting with Blackberry claiming that “heavy users” may see up to 25 hours of battery life.

Who’s it for? The Blackberry Leap is perfect for readers who want the full screen smartphone experience with the traditional Blackberry operating system.

The Blackberry Passport features the traditional keyboard found on Blackberry devices and is available for around 104,000 Naira.

2. Blackberry Passport is at the high end of the affordable category and can be bought in Nigeria for around 104,000 Naira. The Blackberry Passport is a hugely powerful device with its 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU coupled with 3GB of RAM. We love that the device features the traditional Blackberry keyboard. However, keep in mind that the dimensions are 4.5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide, meaning that the Blackberry Passport fits into the phablet category.
Who’s it for? The Blackberry Passport will not disappoint workaholics looking for the security of the Blackberry operating system alongside the ease of a traditional keyboard.

3. Lumia 550 is not yet available in Nigeria but the starting price in the US will be the bargain basement price of $139 (around 27,000 Naira). The Lumia 550 will use the new Windows 10 operating system. As you might expect from the price, the processing speed will be limited with only 1 GB of Ram and a simple 1.1 Ohz quad core Snapdragon processor. Also, the camera is disappointing with the selfie camera offering 2 mega pixels only.

Who’s it for? The Lumia 550 is the perfect choice for readers looking for a smartphone that can perform basic functions who are willing to take a gamble on Windows’ new operating system.

Affordable Mobiles Lumia 950

Lumia 950 is expected to be available in Nigeria for around 109,000 Naira during Q.1 of 2016.

4. Lumia 950 is yet to be released in Nigeria but the price will be similar to the release price in the US of $539 (around 109,000 Naira). When it is released here, the phone will give the Apple 6S and Samsung S6 a run for their money. The Lumia 950 has plenty going for it – a sleek design and impressive display as well as a large in-built 32GB of storage. It also has an impressive 20 mega-pixel rear camera which will make for impressive photos.
Who’s it for? Shutterbugs who use their camera like it’s going out of fashion and want lots of storage space for gazillions of photos.



5. Infinix Hot 2 is selling like hot cakes in Nigeria and no wonder when you can pick up the device for a mere 19,500 Naira. This is particularly value for money when you consider that the Infinix Hot 2 has 2GB of Ram with a Quad Core 1.3Ghz processor and a respectable amount of internal storage (16GB to be exact). Did we mention that it runs off the Android (Lollipop) operating system?

Who’s it for? The Infinix Hot 2 is ideal for readers who are looking for a cheap Android phone but don’t want to compromise on the operating system and storage.

6. Infinix Zero 2 can be picked up online in Nigeria for around 35,000 Naira. The Infinix Zero 2 runs off the Android (Lollipop) operating system like its cousin, the Infinix Hot 2. So why is it nearly double the price? Well, compared to the Infinix Hot 2, the Infinix Zero 2 has a much more powerful processor (2gHz) as well an impressive graphic chipset. In addition, the rear camera has been given a boast with 13 mega pixels (compared to 8 mega pixels on the Infinix Hot 2).

Who’s it for? If you’re a gamer, the Infinix Zero 2 could be your partner in crime due to its quick processor and access to the thousands of games available on the Android operating system.

7. Tecno Phantom 5 is available to buy for around 75,000 Naira. We genuinely think that in terms of value for money, there’s no better affordable mobile on the market at the moment. The Tecno Phantom 5 is particularly impressive for its 8MP selfie camera and 13MP rear camera (along with a Dual LED Flashlight). You’ll also have somewhere to store your snaps as the device comes with an impressive 32GB of internal storage.

Who’s it for? If you can’t go out for lunch without taking several hundred selfies, then the Tecno Phantom 5 is the ideal phone for you.

8. Innjoo Fire Plus is retailed online for the very reasonable price of around 27,000 Naira. The device doesn’t come with all the frills of its rivals but it is a true workhorse of the phone, with excellent battery life (3,600 mAh) and the manufacturers claim that a fully charged battery could last 330 hours on standby! Another positive for the Injoo Fire Plus is that it runs off the Android (Lollipop) operating system so users will have access to all the latest apps.

Who’s it for? Readers who are always out and about with little time to charge their mobile will appreciate the long-lasting battery of the Innjoo Fire Plus.

9. Innjoo Halo can be snapped up for the bargain basement price of around 14,000 Naira. That’s a very cheap Android phone. The Innjoo Halo is a step down from its more expensive cousin, the Innjoo Fire Plus. In all areas, the specifications of the Injoo Fire Plus are less advanced (for example, the selfie camera and rear camera are a mere 2MP and 5MP and there’s only 1GB Ram). On the plus side, the device has an attractive design with Kevlar textured back cover that comes in classic black, shiny white and champagne gold.

Who’s it for? The Innjoo Halo is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable mobile for the most basic of tasks such as making calls, texting and taking the occasional photo.